Holistic and Multi-Dimensional Approach

According to Shaffer et al.’s syndrome model of addiction, addictive disorders generally follow a common developmental pattern. That is, addiction seems to arise from similar antecedent risk-factors and develop into addiction as a result of exposure to and experience with different objects of addiction (such as gambling). Expression of the addiction syndrome depends on the interaction of the individual and the given object of addiction. Shaffer et al. (2004) suggested that a person’s risk for developing an addiction depends on a combination of three factors: personal vulnerabilities (e.g., genetics), exposure to an object or activity, and one’s experiences with that potential object of addiction. Therefore, effective treatment for addictions should adopt a holistic and multi-dimensional approach. TWGHs Even Centre has developed a validated assessment tool “Chinese G-map” that can provide an objective assessment on factors that relate to the person’s pathological gambling. Counsellors can design a treatment plan that meets the client’s situation.