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3rd Asian Pacific Problem Gambling and Addictions Conference 2011
日期 : 2011-06-02
舉行日期 : 2-3 June 2011
舉行時間 :
地點 : The Mira Hotel Hong Kong
活動簡介 : The 3rd Asian Pacific Problem Gambling and Addictions Conference 2011” will be held between 2-3 June 2011 at Mira Hotel Hong Kong followed by Macau visit on 4 June 2011. Problem gambling is complex and often co-morbid with other mental health and addiction problems. Studies and clinical experiences reflected that pathological gamblers with co-morbid psychiatric disorders have shown more impaired conditions that often acquire interventions from different professionals. In order to facilitate a more accurate assessment and comprehensive treatment design, our conference theme this year is "International Collaboration and Multi-disciplinary Approach". For details, please visit : or Email: