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Pre-conference Workshop IV :How to reduce dropouts in the treatment of pathological gamblers plus case discussion and role playing
日期 : 2015-05-07
舉行日期 : 7 May, 2015 (Thursday)
舉行時間 : 2:00pm to 5:30pm
地點 : Jockey Club Innovation Tower, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
活動簡介 : Contents:
Retention rate of gamblers in treatment is quite low. After the first few sessions, many patients will not continue in treatment. During this training, Prof. Robert Ladouceur will discuss this important issue and provide some concrete clinical means to reduce dropouts. Besides, participants will be invited to present difficult clinical cases they are treating. Feedback will be provided verbally and through role playing. Participants are invited to prepare such presentations before the training.

CE Accreditation:
CE (3.5points) approved by Division of Clinical Psychology, The Hong Kong Psychological Society
CME / CPD (5 points) approved by Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and Hong Kong College of Family Physicians (Max. 10 points for whole function)
CME / CPD (6 points) approved by Hong Kong College of Pediatricians (Max. 10 points for whole function)
CME / CPD (3 points) approved by Hong Kong College of Physician
CME / CPD (4 points) approved by Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists (Max. 16 points for whole function)

Prof. Robert Ladouceur, Ph.D.
is a pioneer in the field of Gambling research. He is an academic researcher and clinician with a substantial track record of publications on various aspects of pathological gambling and responsible gambling. In 2003, he received the Senior Research Award from the National Center for Responsible Gaming, Harvard University. His cognitive treatment for pathological gamblers is widely used around the world. He set up the Centre Qu?b?cois d’ Excellence pour la Pr?vention et le Traitement du Jeu. This research center made many major contributions in the domain of gambling (experimental, prevalence, prevention, treatment and responsible gambling).