Gambling disorder is formed by the interaction among complicated factors, and its adverse impacts on gamblers and their significant others could manifest in multiple life domains with profound severity.

Etiology of Gambling Disorder

Etiology of gambling disorder is very complicated, some false concepts can already trap one into gambling, for example:

Other causes include:

Influences of gambling disorder

Gambling disorder does not only lead to severe financial problem, but also impact gambler’s family and friends negatively, for example,

  • Physical health: Health problems such as broken sleep and changes in appetite;
  • Mental and psychological health: Loss of dignity, absent-minded and disorganized speech;
  • Interpersonal relationship: Losing respects and trusts from friends, family and colleagues, and even interests in being with others
  • Behaviours: Worsened work performance, including frequent absence and loss of concentration, or worsened learning ability; or even committed illegal activities to get money for gambling