The name of our centre, Even Centre, signifies our aspiration to help gamblers and their families resume a peaceful and harmonious life.

During the past 12 months…

  Yes No
Have you become restless irritable or anxious when trying to stop or cut down on gambling?
Have you tried to keep your family or friends from knowing how much you gambled?
Did you have such financial trouble as a result of your gambling that you had to get help with living expenses from family, friends or welfare?

Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen (BBGS), from Gebauer, L., LaBrie, R., & Shaffer, H. J. (2010). Optimizing DSM-IV-TR classification accuracy: a brief biosocial screen for detecting current gambling disorders among gamblers in the general household population. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. Revue Canadienne De Psychiatrie,(2), 82-90