TWGHs Even Centre provides multidisciplinary one-stop service, and adopts etiology and family-based, and evidence-based treatment models to tailor-make interventions for clients with service needs.

Multidisciplinary One-stop Service

TWGHs Even Centre offers a multidisciplinary one-stop service to help gamblers and their families, including hotline, individual and family counselling, group counselling, financial and debt counselling, psychological/psychiatric assessment and treatment and other support services. If necessary, we will also refer clients to other social services, in order to solve other problems resulted from and relevant to gambling.

Etiology and Family Based Treatment Model

A systematic assessment tool, “Chinese G-Map”, is developed and used to explore factors contributing to the development and maintenance of individuals’ gambling disorder. In addition, we take individuals’ family structure and support into considerations when planning for treatment.

Evidence-based Treatment Model

We endeavour to research etiology and treatment effectiveness for gambling disorder in order to develop an effective prevention and treatment model. We are honoured to have academics and professional elites as Even Centre’s consultants, who provide supports and trainings to our clinical researches and work.