TWGHs Even Centre provides multidisciplinary one-stop service for clients with various needs.

Gambling Counselling Hotline

1834 633 (Press 1)

EC Quick Dial

2827 4321

Hotline Service

  • To render gambling counselling and enquiry services on phone
  • To provide initial assessment, counselling and appointment booking service

Counsellors are on duty as follows

Monday, Thursday, Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Individual/ Family Counselling

  • Gambling counselling to be provided by experienced social worker, gambling counsellor and clinical psychologist
  • To support gamblers and their families to handle emotions, mental health, work and family problems arisen from gambling disorder

Psychiatric Assessment

  • To refer for psychiatric assessment and referral for gamblers when necessary

Group Counselling

  • To organize treatment groups, psychoeducation groups and mutual support groups to gamblers and their families
  • To emphasize on emotional support, rebuilding healthy lifestyle and relapse prevention

Financial and Debts Counselling

  • To deliver debts counselling and support on financial management resulted from gambling
  • To impart concepts and knowledge of healthy financial management to clients
  • For further information, please click into debts management

Emergency Accommodation

  • To refer clients in need for emergency accommodation

Community and Youth education

  • To educate the community and youths on prevention of gambling disorder through school talks, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, posters, pamphlets, websites and resource corner and etc.
  • Our publicity truck service “Anti-Gambling Ping Wo Cruiser” has been launched in June 2018, which travels around Hong Kong and promotes anti-gambling message at schools. For more details, please contact us at 2827 4321.
  • Our "Peer supporters training and community broadcast and online promotion scheme" has been launched since Jan 2019, which aims to train our young peers to promote anti-gambling message on air. For more details, please contact us at 2827 4321.

Professional Training

  • To dispense professional trainings to social workers, teachers and groups concerning gambling disorder to enhance people’s understanding and referrals for people with gambling disorder
  • For enquiry, please contact us at 2827 4321

Online Counselling

  • With the special funding of Ping Wo Fund, a new service “Online Counselling and Case Treatment” has been launched in January 2018. The service targets people especially the youths with gambling disorder identified from online outreaching services who are not willing to attend face-to-face counselling services.
  • To identify high-risk groups in social media and discussion forums and to proactively impart correct information and rectify false concepts in gambling. Follow-up counselling service will also be rendered.
  • To respond to email enquiry and instant messages concerning problem gambling
  • To make online video counselling available for registered clients