Session four: I am ready!


Stepping out the first step is never easy. Let us explore feasible plans to change your gambling behaviour in this session!

Change does not happen miraculously. If we lack plans and methods, it is quite confusing to start with. Therefore, at the moment you are determined to change, we have to list out concrete, measurable and feasible strategies, so that your confidence and chance of success will increase. You can write down your “Plan of Change” in this session’s worksheet. For instance, if we deem physical fitness to be helpful in strengthening your self-control or reducing your dependence on gambling, then you can set your change goal to “physical fitness”. You can break down the goal into manageable smaller steps such as start by walking before jogging. You can increase frequency from once a week to twice a week. You can also implement a more balanced diet in your meals with gradual manner. A small gear also carries great power to move the whole machine. Therefore, as long as you are willing to take a small step each day, you can make an effective change eventually!

Supports from family and friends can help you achieve a better result when you are going through a changing process. Try to find a friend whom you trust and talk to freely, so that you can have someone to discuss with when you anticipate any difficulties during the process, and make up strategies correspondingly.

If you have any inspirations or questions while filling in the worksheet, or you would like to find a trustworthy counsellor as your listener, please contact us via EC Quick Dial 2827 4321, WhatsApp us at 6770 5599, or Live Chat. We are grateful to walk this journey of change with you. 


My plan of change