Session five: I’m possible!


To maintain an altered lifestyle and habits is never easy, especially changing gambling behaviour. Stresses in daily life or other high-risk situations multiplies the risk of relapse.

We will focus on management of high-risk situations in this session to heighten your confidence in facing high-risk situations. In the process of change, you will encounter various situations that challenge your endurance, self-control and determination of making changes. The earlier you identify your high-risk situations, the quicker you can tackle these risks effectively. These high-risk situations include certain time and venue, surrounding events and people, and specific thoughts and emotions.

In this session’s worksheet “Strategies”, please write down all possible high-risk situations in details, and make up a strategy to tackle with each listed situation. Please take note that those strategies must be feasible and practical, and can be implemented within 30 minutes right after encountering those high-risk situations or feeling the urge to gamble. For example, you can call your friends at once, cook your favourite food, listen to your favourite music, read your tailor-made reminders, etc. If you cannot figure out any actions to help distract your attention, please do not hesitate to enquire your family and friends, or contact us via Live Chat, EC quick dial 2827 4321 or WhatsApp 6770 5599. We can also explore your best strategies together with you!


High-risk situation 1 Feasible strategy 1
High-risk situation 2 Feasible strategy 2
High-risk situation 3 Feasible strategy 3